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Infrared Motion Sensor

Infrared Motion Sensor usually use pyroelectric components, which will lose the charge balance when the temperature of infrared radiation from the human body changes and release the charge outward.  The subsequent circuit can generate alarm signals after detection and processing. The human body has a constant temperature, generally at 37 degrees, so it will emit a specific wavelength of about 10UM infrared ray, passive infrared probe is to detect the human body emitted about 10UM infrared ray and work. The infrared ray emitted by the human body about 10UM is enhanced by the Ferrier filter and then concentrated on the infrared induction source.

Infrared Motion Sensor does not emit any type of radiation, the device power consumption is very small, good concealment. 

Infrared Motion Sensor are widely applied to the fields such as electronic anti-theft alarm, human detection. They win great popularity among customers and specialists for their low price and stable technical performance.

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