Gas Alarm

Gas Alarm is a kind of point type gas detection equipment installed in the explosive dangerous environment. It converts the concentration of the combustible gas into electrical signal and transmits it to the monitoring equipment located in the safety area, so as to achieve the purpose of monitoring the concentration of the combustible gas on the site.During the design and construction process, combustible gas detectors shall comply with the corresponding standards and requirements.

Gas Alarm is suitable for LPG alarm:
Alarms should be installed in areas where used appliances and gas leaks are most likely to occur to happen.In a home, these rooms may be the kitchen because there is a gas stove or other gas appliance, or they can be used in an office,Warehouses and other rodent proof areas.
Alarms should be installed as low as possible (generally 0.1 m above the ground) and where the air environment is not blocked by furniture or indoor furnishings.

Gas Alarm suitable for natural gas and natural gas alarm:
Gas location should be installed alarm is most likely to occur leakage.These areas may be the kitchen, because they have a gas stove or other gas appliances.
Alarms should be installed above the level of the ceiling near the possibility of air leakage (generally 0.3) a few meters from the ceiling) and the air flow is not smooth places are blocked by furniture or indoor furnishings.

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