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Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm, other names smoke alarm, smoke sensor, smoke sensor, etc.Generally will be independent, physical product battery powered, or AC battery powered as standby electricity, ready-made alarm can send out sound and light indication, known as independent smoke alarm.Powered by the bus, the bus can be connected to multiple, and fire alarm controller networking, communication to form an alarm system, the alarm scene no sound, the host has sound and light prompt, this kind of smoke alarm device is generally called smoke detector.Smoke detectors with or without address code.

Smoke Alarm is through monitoring the concentration of smoke to achieve fire prevention, such as Langxin smoke alarm internal use of ion smoke sensor, it is a kind of advanced technology, stable and reliable sensor, is widely used in various fire alarm systems, performance is far better than gas sensitive resistor type fire alarm.

Smoke Alarm is suitable for home, shops, warehouses, hotel rooms, leisure and entertainment venues, Internet cafes and other fire prevention and other places.

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