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Battery Operated Household Sensor Alarm

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Battery Operated Household Sensor Alarm

Smoke Alarm PD-SO918 instruction


The smoke alarm adopts photoelectric detector, the flame and heat are not detected, they are generally more effective at detecting fast-flaming fires which consume combustible materials rapidly and spread quickly. Sources of these fires may be paper burning in a wastebasket, or a grease fire in the kitchen.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND SAVE IT. This user’s manual contains important information about your smoke alarm’s operation. To insure your safety, you need install one alarm at least in your every single room. Please don’t open the smoke alarm for that may cause improper effect.


Power source: DC9V
Static current: <10uA
Alarm current: 10~20mA
Alarm sonority: >85 db (3m)
Low voltage alarm: 6.5V-7.2V
Working temperature: -10℃~50℃

Where to install smoke alarms

1. At first, you need install them in your bedroom and routeway, and should install one item in every bedroom at least.
2. Stairway is important for you to rush out when fires occur, so there must install smoke detectors.
3. You at least require one smoke alarm on every floor,including finished attics and basements.
4. Install one alarm beside every electric facility.
5. Install smoke alarms in the middle of ceiling,because smog,heat and flashes always lift to the top of rooms
6. If some reasons cause you can’t install them in the middle of ceiling,you need to install them at least 10cm away from the wall.
7. If you like to install them on the wall, they should be installed 10-30.5cm away under the ceiling. Diagram 1.

8. You need install more than one alarm when the length of your hall exceeds 9m.
9. In an ablique roof room,install the alarm 0.9m away from the top.Diagram 2.
10. How to install smoke alarms in a removable house.The removable house is short of heat isolation,so you’d better install the alarm 10-30.5cm away from the ceiling.for safety you need install another one near your bedroom,too;

Where not to install smoke alarms

1. Where combustion particles are produced. Combustion particles form when something burns. Avoid installing in the areas include poorly ventilated kitchens,garages,and furnace rooms.Keep units at least 6m from the sources of combustion particles(stove,furnace,water heater,space heater)if possible.Ventilate these areas as much as possible.
2. In air streams near kitchens.Air currents can draw cooking smoke into the sensing chamber of a smoke alarm near the kitchen.
3. In very damp,humid or steamy areas,or directly near bathrooms whith showers.Keep units at least 3m away from showers saunas,dishwhashers,etc.
4. Where the temperatures are regularly below 40 F(4 °C)or above 100F(38 °C),including unheated buildings,outdoor rooms,porches,or unfinished attics or basements.
5. In very dusty,dirty,or greasy areas.Don’t install a smoke alarm directly over the stove or range.Clean a laundry room unit frequently to keep it free of dust or lint.
6. Near fresh air vents,ceiling fans,or in very drafty areas.Drafts can blow smoke away from the unit,preventing it from reaching the sensing chamber.
7. In insect infested areas.Insects can clog openings to the sensing chamber and cause unwanted alarms.
8. Less than 305mm away from fluorescent lights.Electrical “noise” can interfere with the sensor.
9. In “dead air”space, for example,in Diagram 1,near the corner less than 10cm.
10. If you have a smoking meeting room, don’t install the alarm there for the unit will alarm when several persons smoke;

How to install this smoke alarm

Tools you will need: 
*Pencil *Drill with 6.5mm drill bit *Standard/Flathead screwdriver *Hammer
1. According to the triangle open mark on the unit and open the smoke alarm;
2. Hold the base firmly on the selected installing position, make hole mark with pencil along the installing hole;
3. Place the unit where it won’t get dust when drilling mounting hole,using an electric dirll with a 6.5mm aiguille, bore two 35mm-deep holes on the pencil mark,;
4. Tap the plastic dilatant into the holes with hammer and then strike the 3*30 screws into the dilatant; hang the smoke alarm on the screws ;
5. Slide the base make the screw end up in the narrow end of the mounting slot, then tighten the screws;
6. Fix a 9V battery according to the correct polarity.
7. close the smoke alarm.

1. Press and hold the test button on the cover, the smoke alarm should sound. The alarm sound should be loud and pulsating, that indicates the smoke alarm is operating correctly.
2. when it does’nt alarm, the LED flashes once about 40 seconds and while it alarms the LED will flash once a second.
3. If the alarm makes low “chirp” sounds every some time , it tells you to exchange your battery.;
4. Little smoke will not cause alarms, so misinformation occurs only when you blow smoke to the alarms directly or you forget to turn on your ventilated facility while you are cooking.
5. Sometimes when you smoke the unit will alarm, so you can just blow air to it to stop alarming.

Regular maintenance
1. Test it at least once a week;
2. Clean the smoke alarm at least once a month with vacuum;
3. Never use water, cleaners or solvents to clean your smoke alarm since they may damage the unit.
4. Replace batteriy: if the unit sounds every some time, that indicates the battery should be replaced, the battery can be the following type:
Carbon zinc:EVEREADY 216 OR 2122;GOLDPEAK 1604P OR 1604S
5. When regularly checking, you should save energy as possible as you can, because the energy consumption when alarming is very much,

special attention:
1) Choose durable battery as possible as you can that will make battery’s using time longer.
2) Notice whether the LED flash once about 40sec normally or not. There is two reasons that the LED don’t flash. One is that the battery’s energy is shortage, the other is that the battery is not fixed fitly. The simple way is to replace the battery or refix the battery.
6. After installation you must notice whether the LED flash once about 40sec or not, and press the key for several seconds to see whether the buzzer can sound or not , if do, that shows normal. Above is required to do, otherwise the smoke alarm you installed probably don’t work.

Limitations of smoke alarms
1. United States NFPA72 tells that the safety of life is to be noticed by alarms before fire, to confirm the correctescape way. The fire systems help half of residents escape and we should help the old people, women and children more because they are always the victims.
2. Smoke alarms are not foolproof, they can’t prevent or extinguish fires,they are not a substitute for property or life insurance.You need buy some fire fighting facilities.
3. Sometimes the smoke is blocked by objects and can’t reach the detector, and if the wind blows the smoke away from the detector, the unit won’t work either.

How to do in case of fire
1. Call the Fire Department immediately after confirming the fire.
2. Don’t panic,stay calmly and follow your family escape plan.Get out of the house as quickly as possible,don’t’ stop to get dressed or collect anything.
3. Feel doors before opening them to see if they are hot.If a door is cool,open it slowly.Don’t open a hot door-use an alternate escape route
4. Cover your nose and mouth with a cloth (preferably wet). Take short, shallow breath.
5. Meet at your planned place outside your home, and do a head count to ensure everybody go out safely.Warning!

● Please confirm with prefessional installation.
● Please cut off power supply before installation and removal operations.
● Make sure that you have cut off the power for safety purposes.
● Improper operation caused losses, the manufacturer does not undertake any responsibility.

We are committed to promoting the product quality and reliability, however, all the electronic components have certain probabilities to become ineffective, which will cause some troubles.When designing, we have paid attention to redundant designs and adopted safety quota to avoid any troubles.
This instruction, without our permission, should not be copied for any other purposes.

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