10 Years Version Smoke Alarm
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10 Years Version Smoke Alarm

10 Years Version Smoke Alarm​ is a digital low-power smoke alarm, product design follows the EU EN14604 standard, the use of high-performance chip as a stand-alone photoelectric smoke fire alarm MCU, digital signal processing makes the alarm detection more Accurate, better product sensitivity consistency, MCU built-in FLASH memory, store the detector's factory parameters, maintenance information, to achieve a strong self-diagnostic testing, circuit failure, sensor failure, battery voltage and other parameters of the detection and diagnosis.

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Product Description

10 Years Version Smoke Alarm PD-SO-215

10 Years Version Smoke Alarm

10 Years Version Smoke Alarm size

10 Years Version Smoke Alarm


PD-SO-215 10 Years Version Smoke Alarm is a digital low-power smoke alarm, product design follows the EU EN14604 standard, the use of high-performance chip as a stand-alone photoelectric smoke fire alarm MCU, digital signal processing makes the alarm detection more Accurate, better product sensitivity consistency, MCU built-in FLASH memory, store the detector's factory parameters, maintenance information, to achieve a strong self-diagnostic testing, circuit failure, sensor failure, battery voltage and other parameters of the detection and diagnosis. At the same time, adaptive compensation function will be based on ambient temperature, external factors such as changes in the conditions of fire sensitivity compensation to the appropriate range, enhanced product stability. The average standby current of the product is less than 3uA standby power consumption, working time up to 10 years.

Specifications of 10 Years Version Smoke Alarm

Power source: DC3V 
Battery Specifications: CR123A 
Battery life: 10 years 
Static current: ≤3uA 
Alarm current: <30mA 
Low voltage alarm: 2.7V±0.05V 
Alarm sonority: >85 db (3m) 
Working temperature:0°C~40°C
Working humidity: 10%-95%RH


(1) When the power is on, the buzzer beep beep prompts power-on success.
(2) When the battery enters the low voltage, half-beep beep LED synchronization light.
(3) In the smoke-free alarm, press the button for 3 seconds, the alarm will beeps and beeps three times, the same sound as the smoke alarm sound.
(4) When the smoke alarm, press the button to enter the mute mode, the buzzer is muted, the LED will continue the light alarm when there is smoke, the mute time is 10 minutes, when mute, press the button is invalid.

Where to install 10 Years Version Smoke Alarm

1, In each separate bedroom outside the hallway installed one, shown in Figure 1;
2, In a multi-family home or apartment building on each floor to install one, shown in Figure 2;

3, One for each bedroom;
4, If the bedroom corridor length of more than 40 feet (12 meters) long, both ends of the corridor fitted with alarm;
5. Put one in the semi-closed or fully closed sleeping room because the smoke will be blocked by the closed door. If the door is closed, the alarm sound in the corridor calls for the awakened asleep;
6, At the bottom of the basement stairs to install alarm;
7, On the first floor to the top of the second floor of the stairs to install alarm;
8, The other in the living room, kitchen, attic and storage room to install alarm;
9, Try to alarm close to the middle of the ceiling, if this is impractical, the distance from the wall or corner in the ceiling can not be less than 20 inches (50CM), as shown in Figure 3;
10, If the roof is oblique or sharp, the installation location from the top of the highest point can not be less than 3 feet (0.9 m), as shown in Figure 4.
10 Years Version Smoke Alarm

Where not to install 10 Years Version Smoke Alarm

False positives can occur when smoke detectors are installed where they are not working properly. To prevent false alarms, do not install the product in the following locations:
1, burning places such as non-ventilated kitchen, garage, etc .;
2, Do not install the product less than 20 feet (6 meters) away from the burning place, like the kitchen, if the distance of 20 feet is not possible, as in moving Room, but also have to keep away from burning things, in order to prevent false positives, in these places should maintain good ventilation;
3, Moist or humid areas: or near a bathroom with a shower;
4, below 4 ℃ or above 38 ℃ environment, such as outdoor, not built completed loft;
5, dirty place, the laundry room must ensure that clean square fitted alarm;
6, Ventilation is excellent, it will diffuse the smoke completely;
7, the air dead ends, such as the roof of the ramp, or the corner between the ceiling and the wall, dead air will prevent smoke from reaching the detector;
8, with flying insects access to places, insects will enter the sensor window lead to false alarms;
9, In the vicinity of a fluorescent lamp, the electronic "noise" of the fluorescent lamp will cause a false positive and the detector will be installed at least 5 feet (1.5 meters) from these lamps.

Warning: Do not stop 10 Years Version Smoke Alarm by removing the battery. Open the window near the detector or the fan to smoke, when the smoke is exhausted, the alarm will automatically stop, if still alarm, according to the instructions to clean the detector test method.
Warning: Do not close the alarm when the alarm occurs, the alarm is loud to avoid panic.
Warning: The smoke alarm and battery should be away from direct heat and water source.

Test 10 Years Version Smoke Alarm

Periodic test: press the test button for three seconds to send three beeps alarm, normal alarm. This is the only way to ensure that your product is working properly. If the test is not normal, should be repaired or replaced immediately.

Warning: Do not test the detector with an open flame. This can damage the detector and cause damage to your home. The built-in tactile switch accurately tests all functions of the detector. This is the only correct way to test the detector.
Warning: The detector may detect smoke or because of the burning of particles in the air when the detector does not sound an alarm when testing the detector.
In determining the alarm may be a serious situation warning, it should immediately attract attention:

• The alarm may be due to some other nasty situation. Such as smoke or dirty stoves in the kitchen, sometimes called "friendly fireworks" will cause alarm alarms. In this case, open the window or the fan will smoke or dust. As long as the air clean the alarm will be automatically stopped.
• If the alarm beeps a low "beep" every half minute, indicating that the battery is low, replace the product immediately.


Install 10 Years Version Smoke Alarm on the ceiling as follows:
1, Hold down the base counterclockwise rotation of the base (Figure 5);
2, According to the base in the installation position, with a pencil in the base of the two holes to do the installation hole punching mark (Figure 6);
3, Take off the base;
4, With a drill with a 6.5mm drill in the mark at the two mounting holes (Figure 7), the plastic expansion body into the hole (Figure 8). Place the product in a dust-free location when drilling the mounting hole;
5, Screw the base fixed on the ceiling (Figure 9);
6, Remove the battery, tear open the battery insulation packaging film, and then put the battery correctly;
7, Align the keyhole cover with the lock on the base, and tighten the main body of the alarm clockwise to the bottom cover (Figure 10).
Note: When the battery is turned on for the first time, a beep sounds, which means the battery is properly plugged in. Press the test button for three seconds to send three drops of alarm sound. The alarm is loud and rhythmic, indicating that the product is working properly.
Note: Before installing 10 Years Version Smoke Alarm, be sure to tear the battery insulation plastic sheet, to ensure that the product work properly.

10 Years Version Smoke Alarm

10 Years Version Smoke Alarm

Routine maintenance

In order to ensure the normal operation of the detector, the detector must be tested weekly. Refer to the section "Testing the Smoke Alarm";
1. Replace 10 Years Version Smoke Alarm as soon as the detector beeps every half minute. Low voltage alarm sounds for at least 30 days;
2. Clean at least once a year: Open the lid and slowly remove the dust from the detector's sensing window. Use a soft brush to clean up. Be sure to carefully clean the dust, especially at the opening of the sensing window. Retest the detector to make sure the battery is working properly. Check the test button inside the obstruction.

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