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Microwave Induction Lamp

Microwave induction lamp is the combination of microwave sensor and lamp, which can convert ordinary lamp into automatic induction sensor.

Microwave induction lamp is based on the principle of Doppler transmission and receiving combined with automatic detection technology of the lamp.In other words, the sensor receives the echo of the reflected object at the same time, emits the electromagnetic wave.If no moving objects are detected in the zoo, the receiving echo remains stable without any activation.The lamp is inactive."There is induction where there are people", which is the basis for the activity sensor to become an intelligent lighting switch.The PDLux's high-frequency sensors can sense any movement with a certain volume, without being affected or limited by changes in ambient temperature and the direction of the moving object.When the sensor emits an electromagnetic signal and quickly picks up the echo, the electronic device detects activity based on the type of echo and activates the connected light fixture when needed.

Microwave induction lamp can penetrate glass, plastic and thinner walls, and PDLux microwave sensors work on three high-frequency electromagnetic waves, including 5.8 GHz、10.525GHz and 24.125 GHz.. The It realizes the perfect combination of sensor and lamp, and ensures that the appearance of lamp will not change..

What's more, the high-frequency sensor's output power is only 0.3mW, which is 1/1000 of the power of the eco-friendly phones on the market today.As a result, PDLUX's products are very environmentally friendly.

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