Microwave Motion Sensor LED Night Light
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Microwave Motion Sensor LED Night Light

The following is an introduction to Microwave Motion Sensor LED Night Light, I hope to help you better understand Microwave Motion Sensor LED Night Light.

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Product Description

Microwave Motion Sensor LED Night Light

PD-LED2052 Microwave Sensor Lamp Instruction


This is a microwave sensor switches controlled LED lights,the microwave sensor was built into the light ,it has 30pcs high brightness LEDs inside ,with total power of 15 watts. 
We adopt this sensitive advanced sensor switchs in lighting control, enabling the light to turn on automatically when one comes , automatically turn off when one goes out. In addition to the widely usage in the aisle stairs ,living room and bedrooms , it also can be installed in the bathroom.

Name of each part


Power source: 220-240VAC
Power frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated load: 15W Max.
HF system: 5.8GHz CW electric wave, 
 ISM wave band
Transmission power: <0.2mW
Time setting: 12s-12min (adjustable)
Light-control: 10LUX-2000LUX (adjustable)
Detection range: 2-5m(radii.) (adjustable)
Dim time:0s- (adjustable) 
Detection angle: 360°
Standby power: < 0.5W
Installation height: 2.5-3.5m (ceiling mount)
Lamp part
LED quantity: 30PCS
LED specifications: 2835

Sensor information


Setting manner :potentiometer

It may take times to adjust values before they satisfy your need.

(1)Detection range setting (sensitivity)

Detection range is the term used to describe the radii of the more or less circular detection zone produced on the ground after mounting the sensor light at a height of 2.5m, turn the reach control fully anticlockwise to select minimum reach (approx.2m radii), and fully clockwise to select maximum reach (approx. 5m radii).

NOTE: the above detection distance is gained in the case of a person who is between 1.6m~1.7m tall with middle figure and moves at a speed of 1.0~1.5m/sec. if person’s stature, figure and moving speed change, the detection distance will also change.
In different cases, the sensitivity of the lights has certain deviation.

Notice: when using this product, please adjust the sensitivity (detection range) to an appropriate value but the maximum to avoid the abnormal reaction caused by the easy detection of the wrong motion by the blowing leaves & curtains, small animals or the interference of power grid & electrical equipment. All the above mentioned will lead to the error reaction. When the product does not work normally, please try to lower the sensitivity appropriately, and then test it.
Human movement will cause the sensor induction,so when you under the function testing,please leave the induction region and don't make movement to prevent the sensor continuous work.

Friendly reminder: when installing two or more microwaves together, you are required to keep 4 meters one from another, otherwise the interference among them will lead to error reaction.

• A built-in light sensor to detect the day and night, if can't install the lamp in the natural light environment, the photo will be failure , a direct result of the days are easy to induction lights, lead to unnecessary energy waste. Don't adjust the too high sensitivity, lasts as long as the use of the detection range of can, avoid has nothing to do to detect moving objects cause false action.

(2)Time setting

Time Delay: mini: 12 seconds max:12 minutes. Any movement detected before this time elapse will re-start the timer. It is recommended to select the shortest time for adjusting the detection zone and for performing the walk test.

NOTE: When debugging, after once the lamp is induction lights up, don't in the sensing area is any movement. Otherwise the lamp will not go out. Only not induction area mobile timer is right under the condition of delay time.

It is mainly for the adjustment of the delay time from the moment the signal detected and light auto-on till the light auto-off. You can define the delay time to your practical need. But you’d better lower the delay time for the sake of energy saving, since the microwave sensor has the function of continuous sensing, that is, any movement detected before the delay time elapses will re-start the timer and the light will keep on only if there is human in the detection range.

(3)Light-control setting

The chosen light response threshold can be infinitely from approx.10LUX2000LUX. Turn it fully anti-clockwise to select dusk- to-dawn operation at about 10 lux. Turn it fully clockwise to select daylight operation at about daylight . The knob must be turned fully clockwise when adjusting the detection zone and performing the walk test in daylight.

When the environment illumination exceeds the set value of the system, induction lamp will not working. Therefore this value can be set up According to user's personalized.

(3)Dim time setting

Dim Tme: 0s- .When the knob is adjusted to the minimum, there is no 10% brightness function. When the knob is adjusted to maximum ( ), the half-light function is always present. After induction again, light control value >60Lux, exit 10% brightness.

1、Being installed on the rocking object will lead to error reaction.
2、The shaking curtain blown by wind will lead to error reaction. Please select the suitable place to install.
3、Being installed where the traffic is busy will lead to error reaction.
4、The sparks produced by some equipment nearby will lead to error reaction.

Fault and the solution

Fault Failure cause Solution
The load fails to work. Light-illumination is set incorrectly. Adjust the setting of the load.
The load is broken. Change the load.
The power is off. Turn the power on.
The load works all the time. There is a continuous signal in the region of the detection. Check the settings of the detection area.
The load works when there is no motion signal detected. The lamp isn't installed well so that sensor fails to detect reliable signals. Re-adjust the installation place.
Moving signal is detected by the sensor (movement behind the wall, the movement of small objects, etc.) Check the settings of the detection area.
The load fails to work when there is motion signal detected. The motion speed is too fast or the defined detection area is too small. Check the settings of the detection area.

This manual is for the current content programming of this product, there are any changes and modifications to the manufacturer without notice!
This instruction, without our permission, should not be copied for any other purposes.

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