Microwave Sensor Induction Ceiling Lamp
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Microwave Sensor Induction Ceiling Lamp

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Product Description

Microwave Sensor Induction Ceiling Lamp

PD-LED2050 Microwave Sensor Light Instruction

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This is a newly designed intelligent ceiling mount Microwave sensor LED light, with the extra function of power supply in emergency. The lighting is auto-managed by AC direct power or battery backup, that is, when power failure, the battery backup will be responsible for the power supply of 4 watt. The battery backup can continuously supply power for more than 3 hours or even more in the sensor energy-saving mode. It is designed with 120 LEDs. The reasonable LED layout makes a homogeneous heat flow and achieves the most optimized luminous efficiency. It is widely applied in the corridor, washing room, elevator lobby etc. 


Power source: 170-265VAC 50/60Hz
Rated LED: 30W Max.(AC) 4W Max.(DC)
Charging Power:4W Max.
HF system: 5.8GHz 
Battery: 7.4V / 2000mAH lithium battery
Continuous illumination time: ≥180min
Transmission power: <0.2mW
Time setting: 8sec to 12min (adjustable)
Detection range: 1-8m (radii.) (adjustable)
Light-control: 10-2000LUX(adjustable)
Detection angle: 360°
Installation height: 2.5-3.5m (ceiling mount)
Working Temperature:-20~+55℃
LED quantity: 120PCS
LED specifications: 2835


NOTE:The entire chassis of the product is made of aluminum alloy and is integrally formed. The heat dissipation performance is even greater, which greatly reduces the temperature rise of the LED, reduces the light decay, and improves the performance of the product.

Sensor information

Detection range setting (sensitivity) S1 S2

Detection range is the term used to describe the radii of the roughly circle casting on the ground when installed at the height of 3 m. To set the switch to ON is “1”, to OFF is “0”. Read through the right 
shown the corresponding table of the switch position to the detection range.
Notice: when using this product, please adjust the sensitivity (detection range) to an appropriate value but the maximum to avoid the abnormal reaction caused by the easy detection of the wrong motion by the blowing leaves & curtains, small animals or the interference of power grid & electrical equipment. All the above mentioned will lead to the error reaction. When the product does not work normally, please try to lower the sensitivity appropriately, and then test it. Human movement will cause the sensor induction,so when you under the function testing,please leave the induction region and don't make movement to prevent the sensor continuous work.

Time setting S3 S4

It can be defined from 10 seconds to 12minute. Any movement detected before this time elapse will re-start the timer. It is recommended to select the shortest time for adjusting the detection range and for performing the walk test. To set the switch to ON is “1”, to OFF is “0”. Read through the right shown the corresponding table of the switch position to the delay time.
It is mainly for the adjustment of the delay time from the moment the signal detected and light auto-on till the light auto-off. You can define the delay time to your practical need. But you’d better lower the delay time for the sake of energy saving, since the microwave sensor has the function of continuous sensing, that is, any movement detected before the delay time elapses will re-start the timer and the light will keep on only if there is human in the detection range.

Light-control setting S5 S6

It can be defined in the range of 10~2000LUX. To set the switch to ON is “1”, toOFF is “0”. Read through the rightshown the corresponding table of the switch position to the light-control value. 

DIP switch

0% - 30% standby brightness mode

When ambient light is less than 10 lux, triggering the mode, if there are no induction, the default within the time delay between entering a set percentage of standby brightness state, to maintain this state until the detected target and enter a state of full bright.

0%-30% standby brightness button

Brightness can through the button to adjust 0% / 10% / 20% / 30% four standby brightness, the default standby brightness is 0%, in time for the first time enter standby 10% brightness, each time you press the standby brightness sequentially, to 30% after the standby brightness according to restore to 0% standby brightness is again, in accordance with the law circle.

Fault Failure cause Solution
The load fails to work. Light-illumination is set incorrectly. Adjust the setting of the load.
The load is broken. Change the load.
The power is off. Turn the power on.
The load works all the time. There is a continuous signal in the region of the detection. Check the settings of the detection area.
The load works when there is no motion signal detected. The lamp isn't installed well so that sensor fails to detect reliable signals. Re-adjust the installation place.
Moving signal is detected by the sensor (movement behind the wall, the movement of small objects, etc.) Check the settings of the detection area.
The load fails to work when there is motion signal detected. The motion speed is too fast or the defined detection area is too small. Check the settings of the detection area.

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