12v 24v Smoke Detectors Fire Detector
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12v 24v Smoke Detectors Fire Detector

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you 12v 24v Smoke Detectors Fire Detector. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

12v 24v Smoke Detectors Fire Detector

PD-SO928N Smoke Detector Instruction

The product is a new type of photoelectric smoke detector, When it detects smoke, it will output signal immediately and trigger connected unit to work, which tell you in advance that fire will occurs and avoid unwanted loss, and take you safety and convenience.


Power source: DC12V~DC24V
Static current: <60uA (like the right diagram):
Working current: <40mA
Working temperature:-10°C~+40°C
Double indicator.

Where fit to install smoke detector
1. At first, you need install one item in every bedroom and route way at least.
2. Stairway is important for you to rush out when fires occur, so there must install smoke detector on the top of stairway.
3. You at least require one smoke detector in every space of every floor, including finished attics and basements.
4. Install one detector beside every electric facility.
5. You’d better install smoke detector in the middle of ceiling, because smoke always spread up.
6. If some reasons cause you can’t install them in the middle of ceiling, you also need to install them at least 10cm away from the wall.
7. If you like to install them on the wall, they should be installed 10-30.5cm away under the ceiling. Diagram 1.
8. You need install more than one detector when the length of your hall exceeds 9m.
9. In an oblique roof room, install the alarm 0.9m away from the top. Diagram 2.
10. How to install smoke detector in a removable house. The removable house is short of heat isolation, so you’d better install the detector 10-30.5cm away from the ceiling.

Where not fit to install smoke detector
1. Where combustion are permitted to produce. For example unventilated kitchens,garages,and furnace.
2. Near fanner.
3. In very damp, humid or steamy areas: Keep units at least 3m away from showers saunas, dishwashers, etc.
4. In very dusty,dirty,or greasy areas.
5. In very drafty areas, where smoke will be blown away from the unit completely.
6. In air-logged areas, that will clog the sensing chamber.
7. Less than 305mm away from fluorescent lights. Electrical “noise” can interfere with the sensor.
8. In “dead air” space, for example, in Diagram 1, near the corner less than 10cm.
9. The smoking room will be easy be detected by the smoke detector.


1.Shut off power;
2.Press and hold the base and turn it counterclockwise, take down base;
3.According to the number mark on base and connection-wire diagram, connect wire to number corresponding screw with gasket;
4.Fix the base on the selected position;
5.Cover the detector body: make the short line on the base aim at the long line on detector body and turn clockwise until the long line on base aim at the long line on detector body.

Connection-wire diagram


1.Switch on power, the indicators should flash once every about 32sec.
2.Press the test pin (diameter less than 1.5mm) to the hole for about 2-3sec,the indicators should always light.
3.If the indicators don’t always light, please check whether the test pin is used correctly.
4.Simulating smoke test: blow smoke into detector, the indicators flash quickly and then always light.

Regular maintenance
1. Test it at least once a week.
2. Clean the smoke detector at least once a month. Gently vacuum off dust using vacuum’s soft brush attachment.
3. Never use water, cleansers to clean your smoke detector since they may damage the unit.

Limitation of smoke detector
1. It can only tell us that fire will occur so that you can deal with the fire in time and have more time avoiding great loss.
2. It is not safe absolutely, because it can not detect smoke absolutely, during smoke appear if there is block to obstruct smoke or smoke is taken off by air current, smoke will not reach the smoke detector.
3. It is not fire extinguisher and also can not sense fire, so you should have the fire-fighting devices to help.

What to do when fire occur
1. Dial telephone to the fire control office.
2. Don’t feel panic, keep calm. Go through the route way planned in advanced and leave as quickly as possible, don’t waste much time to take things.
3. Feel whether the door is hot or not. If hot, don’t open the door; if not, you also should prevent the flame in and you can choose other route way to flee.
4. With wet towel cover your mouth and nose, don’t inbreathe smoke.
5. After fleeing out ,gather in the indicated place and ensure person is not injured or dead.

● Please confirm with prefessional installation.
● Please cut off power supply before installation and removal operations.
● Make sure that you have cut off the power for safety purposes.
● Improper operation caused losses, the manufacturer does not undertake any responsibility.

We are committed to promoting the product quality and reliability, however, all the electronic components have certain probabilities to become ineffective, which will cause some troubles.When designing, we have paid attention to redundant designs and adopted safety quota to avoid any troubles.
This instruction, without our permission, should not be copied for any other purposes.

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