Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
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Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

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Product Description

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Smoke Detector PD-SO928D

Product size


The product is a new type of photoelectric smoke detector, When it detects smoke, it will output signal immediately and trigger connected unit to work, which tell you in advance that fire will occurs and avoid unwanted loss, and take you safety and convenience.


Power source: DC12V~DC33V
Static current:<60uA 
Alarm current: ≤30mA 
Working temperature:-10°C~40°C
Working humidity: 10%-95%RH non-condensing
Double indicator.

Where fit to install smoke detector

1. First, you need to install at least one item in each bedroom and route.
2. When a fire breaks out, the stairs are important for you to rush out, so you must install a smoke detector on top of the stairs.
3. At least one smoke detector is required for each space on each floor, including the finished attic and basement.
4. Install a detector next to each electrical facility. 

5.You'd better install a smoke detector in the middle of the ceiling because the smoke will always spread.
6. If for some reason you are unable to install it in the middle of the ceiling, you will also need to install them at least 10 cm from the wall.
7. If you want to mount them on the wall, install them 10-30.5 cm below the ceiling. figure 1.
8. When your hall is more than 9 meters long, you need to install multiple detectors.
9. In a sloping roof room, install an alarm that is 0.9 meters from the top. figure 2.
10. How to install a smoke detector in a detachable house. The mobile house lacks insulation, so you'll better install the detector 10-30.5 cm from the ceiling.

Where not fit to install smoke detector

1. At or near the place where the burning particles often exist, such as: kitchen, garage (exhaust gas), stove, water heater or near the oiler.
3. In a humid or humid place; or near a bathroom with a shower.
4. In a dusty, dirty or greasy place.
5. In very ventilated areas, the smoke will blow away completely from the unit.
6. In the air recording area, this will block the sensing chamber.
7. The distance from the fluorescent lamp is less than 305mm. Electrical “noise” can interfere with the sensor.
8. In the "dead air" space, for example, in Figure 1, less than 10 cm near the corner.
9. The smoke detector is easy to detect in the smoking room.


WARNING: Turn off the loop power before installing the detector.
1. First turn the product cover off by counterclockwise rotation;
2. Connect the wires to the corresponding positions according to the markings on the product and the connection instructions on the instructions;
3. After all the detectors are installed, supply power to the control unit;
4. Test the detector according to the test section;
5. Reset the detector on the controller system;
6. Notify the relevant department system to enter the working state.

NOTE: 4-wired connection follows below

① Terminal 5 connect" +"
② Terminal 2 connect "–"
③ Terminal 6 and 3(4) connect  relay output terminal.

Warning:During the installation of the product, please be careful not to let dust enter the smoke detection room.


The detector must be tested after installation and maintenance cleaning.
Note: Before the test, the relevant management department smoke detector system will be notified for maintenance and therefore will stop working. Cut off the logic control kinetic energy of the area or system that will be maintained to avoid unnecessary alarm linkage. Make sure the detector is wired correctly and power the system. After the power supply, allow the 80 second detector to work stably and then test it as follows;
1. Switch the power, the indicator should flash once every 20 seconds.
2. Press the test pin (less than 1.5mm in diameter) into the hole for about 2-3 seconds, and the indicator should always be lit.
3. If the indicator does not light, please check if the test pin is used correctly.
4. Smoke test: Take a smoldering wooden stick or cotton core on the side of the detector and blow the smoke into the detector until the alarm.
Warning: Due to the above test, the detector can only be reset after the power supply is momentarily powered off. If the detector fails the above test, check that the wiring is correct.

Test pin(diameter less than 1.5mm)

Regular maintenance

1. Test at least once a week.
2. Clean the smoke detector at least once a month. 
Use a vacuum soft brush attachment to gently vacuum.
3. Never use water or detergent to clean the smoke detectors as they may damage the equipment.

What to do when a fire breaks out

1. Call the fire station.
2. Don't panic and stay calm. Leave as quickly as possible through the route of the advanced plan, don't waste a lot of time to get things.
3. Feel if the door is hot. If it is hot, please do not open the door; if not, you should also prevent the flame from entering, you can choose other routes to escape.
Cover your nose and mouth with a damp towel and do not breathe fumes.
5. After fleeing, gather at the designated location to ensure that the person is not injured or killed.

● Please confirm with prefessional installation.
● Please cut off power supply before installation and removal operations.
● Make sure that you have cut off the power for safety purposes.
● Improper operation caused losses, the manufacturer does not undertake any responsibility.
This instruction, without our permission, should not be copied for any other purposes.

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