EN50194 Gas Alarm
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EN50194 Gas Alarm

EN50194 Gas Alarm should be installed in the room where a gas escape is most likely to occur, this may be the kitchen because of the presence of a gas cooker and other gas appliances.

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Product Description

EN50194 Gas Alarm

EN50194 Gas Alarm

EN50194 Gas Alarm size

EN50194 Gas Alarm

Reference standard: EN50194:2000


EN50194 Gas Alarm is a small combustible gas alarm suitable for use in the family. It is used to continuously detect the 
concentration of indoor gas leakage. When the concentration reaches the set value, the detector will send out a sound-light alarm. When the concentration of indoor gas is lower than the set alarm value, the detector will automatically return to the normal working state to avoid poisoning, explosion, fire and other casualties and property losses caused by combustible gas leakage.

Specifications of EN50194 Gas Alarm

Power source: 100-240VAC
Power frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated load: <1.5W
Detect gas: LPG ,natural gas, town gas
Alarm concentration: <20%LEL
Alarm volume: ≥85dB(3m)
Working environment: -20°C~+40°C
Working humidity: <85%RH

Where should install EN50194 Gas Alarm

1.For the natural gas and town gas detection:
• EN50194 Gas Alarm should be installed in the room where a gas escape is most likely to occur, this may be the kitchen because of the presence of a gas cooker and other gas appliances.
• It should be installed above the level of a possible gas escape and near the ceiling(typically 0.3m from the ceiling), in place where air movements are not impeded by furniture and furnishings.
2.For LPG detection:
• It should be installed in the room where the most frequently used appliance is accommodated and where an escape is most likely to occur. In most domestic premises, this room may be the kitchen because of the presence of a gas cooker and possibly other gas appliances.
• EN50194 Gas Alarm should be mounted as slow as possible(typically 0.1m above the floor) and in place where air movements are not impeded by furniture .
• Note:When the product first use,need electricity for 24 hours before entering normal working state.

Where should not install EN50194 Gas Alarm

• In an enclosed space(e.g in a cupboard or behind a curtain)
• Directly above a sink;
• Next to a door or window;
• Next to an extractor fan;
• In an area where the temperature may drop below -20°C or exceed 40°C;
• where dirt and dust may block the sensor;
• In a damp or humid location.


Power connected, the power indicator (green) is constantly on, and it alarms with beep sound (alarm indicator flashes twice). The digital tube displays “-” and about 5 minutes displays concentration, then it starts the alarm detection mode.
Use pump to supply the alcohol volatile gas through the tube to the GS alarm, ensure that the tube is right to gas sensor. 
• When digital tube says the concentration is 0,1,2 , the status indicator is off.
• When digital tube says the concentration is above 3, the status indicator is red and the alarm indicator flashes, when says 3,4,5, it alarms with the beep sound slowly and when says 6,7,8,9, it alarms with the fast beep sound.
• When digital tube says the concentration is A,it alarms with the status indicator in red, alarm indicator constantly on in red. When the concentration is lower than defined value, the alarm recovers to the normal state.
EN50194 Gas Alarm


Your alarm will alert you to potentially hazardous gas concentrations in your home when maintained properly. To maintain your alarm in proper working order, it is recommended that:
• Test your alarm at least once per week(e.g: you can gently press lighter to produce gas facing the gas hole on alarm).
• Keep EN50194 Gas Alarm fee of dust by gently vacuuming the case with a soft brush attachment once per month.
• Never use cleaning solutions on your alarm, simply wipe with a slightly damp cloth.
• Do not paint the alarm.
• Do not spray aerosols on or near the alarm.
• Move EN50194 Gas Alarm to a safe location and store in a plastic bag before painting,wall papering, using or performing any other activities that use materials that emit strong fumes. Remember to remove it from the bag and replace the detector when these activities are finished.

What to do in the event of an alarm sounding or the smell of gas even without an alarm

Keep calm, and carry out the following actions(not necessarily in the order given):
• Extinguish all naked flames, including all smoking material;
• Turn off all gas appliances;
• Do not switch on or off any electrical equipments, including the gas detection apparatus;
• Open doors and windows to increase ventilation;
• Do not use a telephone in the building where the presence of gas is suspected.
If EN50194 Gas Alarm continues to operate and the cause of the leak is not apparent or cannot be corrected,vacate the premises and immediately notify the gas supplier or the gas emergency 24 h-service in order that the installation may be tested and made safe, and any necessary repair carried out.

If the alarm stops and the reason for the alarm having operated is identified, after stopping the gas release and ensuring that all appliances are turned off, the main gas supply may be reinstated.

Application of EN50194 Gas Alarm

EN50194 Gas Alarm

EN50194 Gas Alarm

● Please confirm with prefessional installation.
● Please cut off power supply before installation and removal operations.

● Make sure that you have cut off the power for safety purposes.
● Improper operation caused losses, the manufacturer of EN50194 Gas Alarm does not undertake any responsibility.

This manual is subject to any changes and modifications to the current content programming of this product, without further notice from the manufacturer.
The contents of this manual are not allowed to be reproduced or copied for other purposes without the permission of the company.

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