The necessity of installing gas alarm


Every year, news about natural gas explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning is seen frequently in the newspapers.
The core component of the household gas alarm is the sensor. The gas sensor is installed inside the gas alarm device. When the gas is detected (the gas concentration is 5% of the lower limit of the natural gas explosion, that is, the concentration of natural gas in the air is 0.25%), the sensor and the inside of the alarm The central control system will issue a "sound, light" alarm command, the alarm indicator light will turn on and flash, and an intermittent alarm sound will be emitted.
Leakage of combustible gas is not only harmful to human health, once the concentration of combustible gas in the air is too high, it will cause more serious consequences such as fire when it encounters an open flame. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in preventing the leakage of combustible gas.
The effective way to prevent household combustible gas poisoning is to install a household gas alarm. When the gas in the air rarely reaches a dangerous value or there are other suspicious gases, the detector will give an alarm and the gas shut-off valve will automatically cut off the gas.
In fact, gas detectors have been widely used in most developed countries and regions, but in China, the penetration rate of household gas detectors is still very low. It is very necessary to install a gas alarm in the kitchen. Don't wait for the danger to come before you think about installing it, especially if there are elderly people at home. Buying a gas alarm is a care for the elderly. At present, some gas alarms sold on the market do not have good quality, so you must choose well-known and high-quality products to buy gas alarms. The gas alarm can be linked to the solenoid valve and start the exhaust fan. When the danger comes, it can alarm or remove the danger. The product has national fire protection certification and product liability insurance. The gas alarm looks like a small device, but it is the nemesis of combustible gas hazards. To ensure the safety of the family environment and maintain the safety of life and property, household gas alarms are worthy of promotion.