What are the smart smoke alarm solutions?


Smoke alarm, other names smoke alarm, smoke sensor, smoke sensor, etc. Powered by the bus, the bus can be connected to multiple, and fire alarm controller networking, communication to form an alarm system, the alarm scene no sound, the host has sound and light prompt, this kind of smoke alarm device is generally called smoke detector. Smoke detectors with or without address code.

Intelligent smoke alarm solution:

1. Ion smoke alarm: there is an ionization chamber. The radiation element used in the ion chamber -- americium 241(Am241), with the intensity of about 0.8 microcuries, is in the balance state of electric field under normal state.

2. Photoelectric smoke alarm: there is a optical maze, equipped with infrared tube, smokeless infrared receiving tube when not receive infrared transmitting tube infrared light, when smoke into optical labyrinth by means of refraction, reflection, receiving tube receives the infrared light, intelligent alarm circuit judge whether more than threshold, if more than an alarm.