What to Do if the Gas Alarm Sounds


1.Close the valve: After the power supply  gas alarm sounds, turn off the gas stove switch immediately. Open the kitchen doors and windows, keep the room ventilated, and turn off the power. Check if there are volatile gases such as alcohol around the gas stove, remove them in time. If the problem is serious, you can call the gas company and ask the relevant personnel for inspection and management.
2. Replace the alarm: After solving the alarm problem of the alarm, turn on the switch again to restore the normal ventilation of the gas stove, and then check whether the alarm will alarm. If it is still in alarm state, check whether there is any leakage of natural gas. If it is not for the leakage of natural gas, the gas alarm may be faulty, and a new one can be replaced.
3. Open windows to ventilate: and contact the maintenance personnel. The leakage of natural gas will cause the gas content in the kitchen to increase, and the gas alarm will sound. Natural gas contains a large amount of flammable gas, and a large amount of leakage may cause explosion hazard in case of fire. Be sure to open the kitchen doors and windows to keep the kitchen ventilated. Then contact the management department of natural gas and find maintenance personnel for on-site maintenance and inspection.