Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of microwave sensor lighting sensor and infrared sensor.


Sensor switch: determine whether the position of the object has changed by detecting the movement of the object or the sound and light emitted by the object, and then determine whether to start the sensor switch of the electrical equipment connected with it.

Currently, there are many types of sensor switches, such as voice activated switch, infrared switch and microwave sensor switch.

Microwave inductor switch is a moving object detector designed using the principle of Doppler effect. It detects whether the object's position is moving in a contactless manner, and then generates the corresponding switch operation. The product has a strong anti-RF interference ability, can be installed in a certain thickness of plastic-glass-wood and other non-metal shell, and has no influence on its detection function technology, can be very convenient to use in equipment control, environmental auxiliary light source control underground parking tunnel lighting and other fields.

Simply put, the voice control switch is to pick up the sound signal with a microphone, and then press the relay or thyristor after amplifying, and then light up. Then, after the delay circuit, the light goes off after a certain period of time, and also adds the ambient light detection judgment to some sound-controlled switches, thus becoming the sound-optic controllable switches.

Infrared sensor switch: when the position of the heat source changes, the sensor switch will turn on the corresponding electrical equipment. For example, the infrared sensor switch of the light bulb used for human body sensor must be equipped with Fresnel lens. When the human body is moving, the Fresnel lens will cause the amount of the sensor to fluctuate or flicker so that it can detect human movement and sense the human body. Temperature corresponding to the infrared trigger sensor switch.

At present, voice control switch and infrared switch have a wide range of shortcomings.

Voice control switches: must produce a certain amount of sound, which may affect other residents, and are susceptible to interference from outside sounds. It usually breaks down, has a short life span and is loaded with limited products.

Infrared switch: infrared probe needs to be kept clean for a long time, can not be hidden installation, low sensitivity by many environments such as air temperature, light and control area is small.

The above two switches are not suitable for underground parking lots and outdoor reliable applications due to defects in their principle.

The invention overcomes the disadvantages of the two switches, and has the advantages of high sensitivity, large control range, strong anti-interference ability, wide application range and long product life, etc. It can also be installed in the lampshade and directly control the lamp; Installed on the lampshade, so that the corridor lighting installation more convenient. Reliably used in corridors, elevators, toilets, underground parking lots and outdoor places.

Can use microwave sensor switch, voice control and infrared switch can not work reliably:

Lighting control of large open car parks and underground car parks of supermarkets;

Lighting sensor control for underground parking lot

Automatic ATM recording start-up system

Indoor and outdoor safety protection system, on-site safety warning and other places

Domestic household bathroom lighting, kitchen ventilation and exhaust control

When the solenoid valve is controlled, it can be used to automatically flush the toilet

Automatic door sensor switch control for large shopping centers and other stores in banks

Any other place where the movement of the object needs to be monitored