Surface Mounted Panel Lamp Led Ceiling Light
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Surface Mounted Panel Lamp Led Ceiling Light

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Product Description

Surface Mounted Panel Lamp Led Ceiling Light

Microwave Sensor Lamp PD-LED2006-ADS-N instruction


This is a newly designed intelligent ceiling mount microwave sensor LED lamp. All the time, All the time, it had power failure emergency power supply function. The lighting is auto-managed by AC direct power or battery backup, that is, when power failure, the battery backup will be responsible for the power supply of 3.7 watt. Through emergency model brightness within the battery module selection switch, backup battery sustainable power supply 3 hours or more than 6 hours (the user can choose according to need 3 hours or 6 hours of lighting needs . It is widely applied in the school, office, market , corridor, washing room, elevator lobby etc.

This product is designed with two configurations: one is the sensor lamp with the function of supplying power in emergency and the other one is the intelligent sensor lamp without the emergency function. You can make purchase according to the practical need. But in most cases, it is necessary and wise to choose the former one, for that the occasional power outage will cause trouble, or even danger. 


Power source: 220-240VAC
Power frequency: 50Hz
HF system: 5.8GHz 
Rated LED: 16W-18W Max.
Standby power: 0.5W Max.
Emergency lighting power: 3.7W Max. (DC)
Charging power: 6W Max.
Standby lighting power: 1: 0% 
 2: 1.5W (10% brightness)
 3: 2W (20% brightness) 
 4: 2.8W (30% brightness)
Battery: 7.4V / 2000mAH lithium battery (18650x2PCS)
Working temperature: -20~+55℃
Continuous illumination time: ≥180min (3.7W)
 ≥360min (1.8W)
 (when the battery power supply)
Time setting: 6sec to 12min (adjustable)
Detection range: 1-7m (radii.) (adjustable)
 (Installation height: 2.5m)
Light-control: 10LUX-daylight(adjustable)
Detection angle: 360°
Luminous flux: 900lm-1000lm
Installation height: 2.5-4.5m (ceiling mount)
LED quantity: 36PCS x 0.5W
LED specifications: 2835

Sensor information 

Setting manner :potentiometer
It may take times to adjust values before they satisfy your need.

(1)Detection range setting (sensitivity)

Detection range is the term used to describe the radii of the more or less circular detection zone produced on the ground after mounting the sensor light at a height of 2.5m, turn the reach control fully anticlockwise to select minimum reach (approx.1m radii), and fully clockwise to select maximum reach (approx. 7m radii).

NOTE: the above detection distance is gained in the case of a person who is between 1.6m~1.7m tall with middle figure and moves at a speed of 1.0~1.5m/sec. if person’s stature, figure and moving speed change, the detection distance will also change.
In different cases, the sensitivity of the lights has certain deviation.

Notice: when using this product, please adjust the sensitivity (detection range) to an appropriate value but the maximum to avoid the abnormal reaction caused by the easy detection of the wrong motion by the blowing leaves & curtains, small animals or the interference of power grid & electrical equipment. All the above mentioned will lead to the error reaction. When the product does not work normally, please try to lower the sensitivity appropriately, and then test it. When the product is installed or before of install, when you tesing the function, please leave the product sensor area, and don’t move around, to prevent the human body movement caused by the continuous operation of the sensor.

• In different circumstances, detection distance will have deviation; Such as metal, glass structure of the building of the structure of the house with wooden houses will be different from detection distance.
• When the user after installation debugging induction to adjust according to the need of the detection distance. In the installation environment does not allow to have the fluttering curtains or flap gate, or it will cause false action.
• A built-in light sensor to detect the day and night, if can't install the lamp in the natural light environment, the photo will be failure , a direct result of the days are easy to induction lights, lead to unnecessary energy waste. Don't adjust the too high sensitivity, lasts as long as the use of the detection range of can, avoid has nothing to do to detect moving objects cause false action.

(2)Time setting

Time Delay: mini: 6 seconds max:12 minutes. Any movement detected before this time elapse will re-start the timer. It is recommended to select the shortest time for adjusting the detection zone and for performing the walk test.

NOTE: When debugging, after once the lamp is induction lights up, don't in the sensing area is any movement. Otherwise the lamp will not go out. Only not induction area mobile timer is right under the condition of delay time.

It is mainly for the adjustment of the delay time from the moment the signal detected and light auto-on till the light auto-off. You can define the delay time to your practical need. But you’d better lower the delay time for the sake of energy saving, since the microwave sensor has the function of continuous sensing, that is, any movement detected before the delay time elapses will re-start the timer and the light will keep on only if there is human in the detection range.

(3)Light-control setting

The chosen light response threshold can be infinitely from approx.10LUXdaylight. Turn it fully anti-clockwise to select dusk- to-dawn operation at about 10 lux. Turn it fully clockwise to select daylight operation at about daylight . The knob must be turned fully clockwise when adjusting the detection zone and performing the walk test in daylight.

When the environment illumination exceeds the set value of the system, induction lamp will not working. Therefore this value can be set up According to user's personalized.

0% - 30% standby brightness mode

When ambient light is less than 50 lux, triggering the mode, if there are no induction, the default within the time delay between entering a set percentage of standby brightness state, to maintain this state until the detected target and enter a state of full bright, if fail to detect a target within 4 hours and lights will go out.

0%-30% standby brightness button

Brightness can through the button to adjust 0% / 10% / 20% / 0% four standby brightness, the default standby brightness is 0%, in time for the first time enter standby 10% brightness, each time you press the standby brightness sequentially, to 30% after the standby brightness according to restore to 0% standby brightness is again, in accordance with the law circle.

Indicator function 

Red indicator—— AC power indicator: When connected to the AC power, the indicator lights.
Orange indicator—— Charging indicator : Indicator lights when charging and be off when full charged.
Green indicator—— Full-charged indicator : Full battery, the indicator lights.
Fault instruction: Charging indicator constantly on ; Full-charged indicator flickering, that is, there is no battery or the battery breaks down.

Emergency mode brightness selection switch : through the switch can choose the brightness of the lamp in emergency mode, sustainable supply spare batteries under normal brightness 3 hours, the backup battery under low brightness ,it can be sustainable power supply more than 6 hours. 


1. Please keep it away from the children.
2. Please avoid the high temperature / humidity and the installation of moving objects.
3. Try to choose natural light to reach the position, make system of the optical sensor to detect the natural light, to ensure that the light controlled system is in the normal working conditions.
4. Please confirm the shutdown after the power supply and then install. 
5. Install the test sensing function when the sensitivity is not transferred to the maximum. As long as the scope of human activities to meet the automatic induction 

Fault and the solution

1.In the day when installed, must take control potentiometer to day range (for example, at night mode, or to adjust the LUX value of light control based on personal habits).
2.When the lamp fails, the need for professional inspection.

● Please confirm with professional installation.
● For safety purposes, please cut off power before installation and removal operations.
● Any losses caused by improper operation,the manufacturer does not undertake any responsibility.

We are committed to promoting the product quality and reliability, however, all the electronic components have certain probabilities to become ineffective, which will cause some troubles. 
When designing, we have paid attention to redundant designs and adopted safety quota to avoid any troubles.
This instruction, without our permission, should not be copied for any other purposes.

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