Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric Sensor
  • Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric SensorSmoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric Sensor
  • Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric SensorSmoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric Sensor
  • Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric SensorSmoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric Sensor

Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric Sensor

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Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric Sensor

PD-SO-708 smoke alarm instruction

The product is photoelectric smoke alarm, It is only used in single room in family. For your safety, you’d better install one alarm in every room. Before using it, please read the instruction carefully, don’t open the alarm casually avoiding working abnormally.

Rated power:DC9V
Static current: 5uA
Alarm current: 10mA
Alarm level: >85db! 3m"
Low voltage alarm: 7V+0.5V
Attentions for installation:
Before you install the alarm, read the instruction carefully and keep it!!!

1. Where to install best
1.1 At first you need install one in the bedroom and route way, because the bedroom is far away from the exit usually, if you have several bedrooms, you’d better install one alarm in every room.
1.2. Install it in the stairway, because stairway take an important part in emergent situation#
1.3 At least install one alarm in every floor.
1.4 Install one alarm beside the electric appliances in every room.
1.5 Smoke, heat and burning things will spread horizontally after rising to the ceiling, so install one alarm in the middle of the ceiling of ordinary structure house. Let the alarm can induce every corner.
1.6 If alarm can’t be installed in the middle of the ceiling for some reasons, the distance the alarm away from the wall should be more than 10CM.
1.7 If install alarm on the wall, it should be 10~30.5CM below the ceiling. (Like the diagram 1)

1.8 If the length of the room or the hall is more than 9m, you need install several alarms in the hall.
1.9 Alarm need be installed 0.9m away from the highest point in room which is gradient. (Like the diagram 2)
1.10 How to install alarm in moving room. 
1.10.1 The moving room’s heat insulation is poor comparing with ordinary structure  room, the inner and outer energy exchange with cool air through very thin  wall and ceiling, so a heat insulation layer form easily near the wall and  ceiling, which baffle the smoke go to alarm. Installed in this structure room,  alarm need be 10~30.5cm below the ceiling. 
1.10.2 If you don’t know the moving room’s heat insulation, install one alarm on the  wall. For the minimum safety, install one alarm in the bedroom at least. 

2 Where not fit to install. 
2.1 carbarn, the burned things providing when you start auto probably lead false alarm. 
2.2 Like the structure in the diagram 1, where less than 10CM. 
2.3 Under the condition that temperature is less than 40℉or more than 100 ℉. 
2.4 Where there is much dust, the dust particle will lead the alarm do falsely or don’t work. 
2.5 Where temperature is too high, moisture and humidity will lead false alarm. 
2.6 Where many winged-insect appear. 
2.7 Installation position is 0.9m less than following position: the kitchen floor, bathroom  floor and intake. 
2.8 Near fluorometry lamp. 

3 Installation 
3.1 Turn the body of the alarm counterclockwise, take off the bottom plate.

3.2 Press the bottom plate on the installation position, mark installation hole of the plate with pencil. 
3.3 Bore two installation holes(ф6.5,height 35mm) on the sign with electric drill(6.5mm drill bit). 
3.4 Strike the dilatant into holes with hammer, screw the bolts(3X30) with gasket into the half of the dilatant, then hang the bottom plate on the screw(gasket press on the plate), tighten the screw. 

3.5 open the battery box, press the battery into box and button it. Without battery the box can’t be buttoned, in a general way there is not battery before the product is out of factory. Before using you should open the box and check.(like the following diagram) 

3.6 Button the smoke alarm, turn the body of the alarm clockwise until there is sound of “beng”.

 Like the following diagram. 

Operate and test 
3.1 operate: fix the battery in alarm and test it, the alarm is in testing state. when it detects smoke, the alarm will provide the alarm sound more than 85db until it detect no smoke. 
3.2 shine indication: two working ways 
3.2.1 testing state: flashing once every 30 seconds indicate the operation is normal. 
3.2.2 alarm state: when it detects smoke and work, flash once every 0.5sec until detects no smoke and then stops. 
3.3 test: if the alarm and the battery are normal, press the test button for 2 seconds, it will be in the testing state. If it don’t alarm, please check if the battery’s fixing is correct. if the fixing is correct, probably the alarm has some defect, please contact with the supply, do not open the alarm yourself, don’t test the alarm with fire. 
3.4 if there are repetitive and interim low voltage alarm “di”, the interim time is 30 seconds, it indicate the battery’s energy is shortage. To ensure normal alarm, please replace the battery. 

4 False alarm 
4.1 the design for the alarm has diminished false alarm to the minimum, a little smoke can’t lead it alarm generally, except whiffing it into alarm directly. In the kitchen if there is not vent-smoke device, it will lead false alarm when cooking, 
4.2 when alarming, you should check the alarm cause, if it is fire, please dial alarm telephone If not, check whether the installation position belongs to the 2 section. 
4.3 Treat every alarm carefully regardless it is false alarm, do not treat it lightly. 

5 Net alarm. 
If several alarms are connected, when one of them detects the alarm signal, it will alarm and the indictor flash more and more quickly, the others alarm will alarm(the connection number can only is less than 40pcs.), but the its indicator won’t flash quickly. The connection diagram see the right. 

6 Servicing: 
6.1 replace the battery: if there are condition like the 4.3 section, you should replace the battery, install the battery according to the instruction in battery box. the type can be the following: 
Carbon and zinc type: every day 216 or 2122; goldpeak 1604p or 1604s 
Alkaline battery : every day 522 duracell mn1604 mx1604;goldpeak 1604A 
Lithium battery: ultralife U9VL 
6.2 test periodically: test 2~3 times every month to ensure normal alarm. 
6.3 Clean alarm: do at least one time every year. at first unfix the alarm, clean the alarm inner with air press spear or vacuum. clean the shell with wet cloth. after cleaning, install and test it according to the 3, 4 section. If it can’t work normally, please replace the alarm. 

7 Use limitation 
7.1 NFPA72 indicate that: the life’s safety lies in noticing the fire in advanced, confirm the right fleeing for life ways. The fire alarm system should make at least half of the people flee from danger, the die are old and sick usually, when dangerous we should more help them. 
7.2 Smoke alarm has some limitation, ionization better to flaming fires, but photoelectric is sensitive to smoldering fires. there are not perfect smoke alarm, so it’s not sure to alarm every time when danger appear. 
7.3 Though smoke alarm can alarm, but it not the substitute for insurance. Expect you have the enough insurance mind, you should prepare some fire-fighting devices ( fire extinguisher etc.) in the place easy to provide danger to ensure life safety and property. 

8 What to do when fire alarm. 

8.1 dial the fire alarm telephone. 
8.2 immediately leave, don’t waste the valuable time on taking expensive things. 
8.3 don’t open the door at will and feel if the door is hot with hand or shoulder, if hot, you’d better flee for life from other safe exit. if not, you should also open the door carefully avoiding the flame in. 
8.4 when smoke is thick, cover your mouth with wet towel and breathe with nose. 
8.5 after fleeing for life gather in the indicated place. 

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