How to install the Infrared Induction Lamp


Confirm the voltage. Turn off the power before installation. The power cord is connected to 220VC, 50 (HZ), and fixed on the ceiling or wall through the chassis with 4×25 large flat-head self-tapping screws (required to be firmly fixed and safe).
Wiring (connect one wire of the lamp body power cord with the live wire with a terminal block, and the other with the neutral wire, and then pull the wire block firmly after connection), whichever comes first; install a bulb, glass or back cover. You can power on for trial. When the power is turned on for the first time, there will be three consecutive lights on, which means normal, but it will not light up normally during the day or when the light is strong, and the lights will automatically turn on when people arrive at night when the light is dark. For example, in the daytime, cover the infrared probe lens tightly with a black cloth, and after ten seconds (not allowing it to transmit light), you can also try its light to work.