Functions of Infrared Induction Lamp and Precautions


The lighting can be turned on automatically, and the lighting can be automatically turned off after a person leaves. This prevents artificial waste of energy, extends the service life of electrical appliances and integrates energy saving and security functions. The diameter of the sensing head is 21mm, the sensing distance is 0-5m, and the sensing angle: 120° Load: Depends on the switch model (light bulb working voltage: 220V working frequency: 50HZ delay range 0.5min-5min toilet, bathroom, elevator hall, etc.)

When installing, please install the smart lamp in a place where people often move (ceiling or wall) to improve its sensitivity and working range. Do not install on a damp ceiling or wall. Disconnect the power supply first when cleaning. Please choose a non-corrosive cleaning agent when cleaning. After the lamps are installed, acidic or alkaline chemical solvents cannot be used in a certain space, otherwise the electroplating or painting of the lamps will be damaged.