The role of gas alarm


With the development of my country’s industry, there are more and more applications of various combustible gases, but explosions and fire accidents occur from time to time when the combustible gas is used! There are more and more companies for the installation of combustible gas alarms. Pay attention, what is the main function of the gas alarm?
Function 1: Leak detection: equipment pipeline hazardous gas or combustible gas leak detection and alarm on site, and equipment pipeline operation leak detection.
Function 2: Entry detection: When workers enter the hazardous material isolation operation room, enter the drain, cable trench or equipment in the dangerous place to operate, they must detect the harmful gas or liquid vapor.
Function 3: Inspection and maintenance: After the equipment is overhauled and replaced, it detects the residual harmful gas or combustible gas (vapor), especially the detection before the fire is more important.
Function 4: emergency detection: when an abnormal situation occurs at the production site or an accident is handled, harmful gases or liquids (vapors) must be detected for safety and hygiene. 

Function five: roving inspection: during safety and sanitation inspection, it is necessary to detect harmful gas or combustible gas.