Lithium Battery Powered Fire Smoke Sensor Alarm
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Lithium Battery Powered Fire Smoke Sensor Alarm

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Product Description

Lithium Battery Powered Fire Smoke Sensor Alarm

Smoke Alarm PD-SO508A/508B instruction


It is a photoelectric smoke alarm, it accords with ISO/DIS 12239 has much effect to detect smoke.
Importance ! please read the manual carefully and keep it. The manual includes important information related to its operation, to ensure your safety, you should install one alarm in every room at least, don’t open the alarm easily to avoid bad effect.


Power source: DC 9V 
Static current:<6.5uA 
Alarm current:10mA
Alarm volume: >85db(3m) 
Low voltage alarm:6.5V~7.5V
Working temperature: -5℃~+40℃
Working humidity:<93%RH

The place fit to install

1. In the bedroom and corridor you should install one in every bedroom at least.
2. On the top of the stairway, because where is the routeway for escape.
3. You had better install alarm in every compartment on every floor, including attic and basement.
4. Install one beside the electronic appliance.
5. Install it in the middle of the ceiling, because smoke always spread upwardly.
6. If you can’t install it in the middle, it should also be installed beyond 10cm away from the wall(see diagram 1)
7. If you install it on the wall, it should be 10~30.5cm away from the ceiling at least.(see diagram 2).
8. When your room’s length is beyond 9m, you should install more than one alarm.
9. In the room with oblique roof(diagram 2) the alarm should be below 0.9m away from the top.
10. In movable house, the alarm must be 10~30.5cm away from the ceiling, because the kind of house has no isolation layer.

The place not fit to install

1. Where there is burning, for example the unventilated kitchen, carbarn or fireplace etc.
2. Near the fanner.
3. In damp place ,the alarm should be 3m at least away from jet head in the bathroom or washing-dish machine.
4. Where the ambient temperature is low than 4℃ or high than 38℃, for example outdoor,unfinished attic.
5. In the disorderly and dirty place, you should make sure that the washing-clothes room is clean then you can install the alarm.
6. In the very ventilated place, smoke will be spread completely.
7. Where jam appear, don’t jam the detection window.
8. Where is beyond 305mm away from incadescent lamp or fluorescence lamp, the electronic appliance’s noise will cause false alarm.
9. In air dead angle, like the ceiling corner in the diagram1
10. In the smoking meeting room, because smoke will cause alarm very easily.


1. Press underpan and turn the underpan counterclockwise to make it separated from the alarm body.
2. Place the underpan on the selected installation position, and use pencil make hole mark along installation hole on the underpan.
3. Use electric drill with 6.5mm drill bit to drill two installation holes( φ6.5,depth 35mm) on the mark.
4. Strike plastic dilatant into installation holes, fix the underpan on installation hole with 3x30 screw with gasket and tighten the screws.
5. Fix in 9v cascading battery.
6. Make the holes on the alarm aim at the bulge on the underpan, press the alarm body on the underpan and turn clockwise .
7. When you need to unfix it to replace battery, you only press the alarm and turn the alarm body counterclockwise.


1. Test once a week at least. Press the button continually, the alarm will give the interval alarm sound like “Bi-Bi-Bi-”.,which shows the alarm is normal.
2. If it doesn’t work like above condition when you repeat to test it, take down it and don’t dismantle it by yourself, you should take it back to the franchiser to deal.
3. Don’t test it with fire.
4. The indicator flashes one time every 30sec;when alarming, it flashes one time every second.
5. After its operation is normal, when the battery reach the using time limit, it will give low sound (a quick “Bi” sound) to tell you replace the battery.
6. Little smoke won’t cause alarm; the indicator lamp probably will quicken to flash, but the product won’t alarm, so it can prevent false alarm. Only when continual smoke reach the alarm value, about 10~15 seconds later after smoke enter the alarm slowly, it will alarm. Don’t forget to ventilate the kitchen when cooking.
7. When it is inducted by cigarette smoke passing by accidentally, the smoke alarm will stop alarming after smoke leave. Please set your heart at rest, if you want to stop the buzzer sound, you can blow air into the smoke alarm to make the smoke in alarm out with air current and stop alarming.

Regular maintenance

1. Test it once a week at least.
2. Clean it once a month at least, use the vacuum cleaner to aspirate dust.
3. Don’t clean it with water or cleanser that will destroy the smoke alarm.
4. Replace battery: if the smoke alarm regularly give a sound at several minutes intervals, that indicate the battery energy is shortage and should replace it. Fix the battery according to the mark on the battery box, the 
battery type can be as follow:
Carbon and zinc type: EVERY DAY 216 OR 2122; GOLDPEAK 1604P OR 1604S
Alkaline battery :EVERY DAY 522 DURACELL MN1604 MX1604;GOLDPEAK 1604A
Lithium battery: ULTRALIFE U9VL
5. When regularly checking, you should save energy as possible as you can, because the alarm energy consumption is very much,


1. It can only tell us that fire will occur so that you can deal with the fire in time and have more time avoiding great loss.
2. It is not safe absolutely, because it can not alarm absolutely, when smoke appear, if there is obstruction to obstruct smoke or smoke is taken off by air current, smoke can not reach the smoke alarm.
3. It is not fire extinguisher and also can not induct fire, you should have the fire-fighting devices to help.

What to do when fire occur

1. Dial telephone to the fire control office.
2. Don’t feel panic, keep calm. Go through the routeway planned in advanced and leave as quickly as possible,don’t waste much time to take things.
3. Feel whether the door is hot or not. If hot, don’t open the door; if not, you also should prevent the flame in and you can choose other routeway to flee.
4. With wet towel cover your mouth and nose, don’t inbreathe smoke.
5. After fleeing out ,gather in the indicated place and ensure person is not injured or dead.

● Please confirm with prefessional installation.
● Please cut off power supply before installation and removal operations.
● Make sure that you have cut off the power for safety purposes.
● Improper operation caused losses, the manufacturer does not undertake any responsibility.

We are committed to promoting the product quality and reliability, however, all the electronic components have certain probabilities to become ineffective, which will cause some troubles.When designing, we have paid attention to redundant designs and adopted safety quota to avoid any troubles.
This instruction, without our permission, should not be copied for any other purposes.

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