PDLUX Microwave Radar Application


The principle of microwave radar is to detect the microwave generated by the movement of objects. The detection range is large, presenting a sector detection, which can be detected before and after. Even if there are objects blocked, it can still be detected, which is the best security equipment.
Microwave radar sensor modules, using the doppler principle, high frequency electromagnetic wave to planar antennas and receive the reflected echo, once a moving object into the range of induction, will change the radar signal waveform, judging by the change induced within the scope of the mobile, identified by microprocessor processing, triggering a radar sensor.
Not affected by ambient temperature and sound loudness, is advanced humanized induction technology. Widely used in security, monitoring, induction lighting, automatic door control switch, usher, as well as garage, corridor, corridor, yard, balcony and other places that need automatic induction monitoring or automatic induction control.
The introduction of radar induction technology into the monitoring field, compared with the traditional camera monitoring, can make up for the shortcomings of video monitoring, such as different light and shade, haze blocking the line of sight, strong wind monitoring, bad weather, night visitation is not allowed.
In order to comply with the development of AIoT, human-computer interaction, the intelligent upgrade of the Internet of things; Microwave radar human body presence sensing module, suitable for smart hotel, smart office, smart home, smart security, health care and other need to detect the presence of the human body scene, to solve the human motion detection sensor can not effectively detect the pain point of static human body.
The radar sensor integrates high-performance radar transceiver and 32-bit MCU on a single chip, which is rich in resources and powerful in performance. It can be interlinked with the main control or transmission chip. It can detect micromotion and even breathing signals while realizing human movement detection, so as to realize human presence induction.
Human respiration heartbeat action amplitude is small, radar signal is weak, but very regular, to achieve human respiration detection, it is necessary to extract the regular signal from the very weak signal. Microwave characteristics are good, with strong sensitivity, can detect weak breathing and even heartbeat signals in the absence of human activity.
PDLUX focuses on the research and development of radio frequency and microwave millimeter wave radar technology products, providing cost-effective algorithms, software and module solutions. The 5.8ghz and 24GHz radar sensor modules, UWB positioning and low-power products in the company's product line are widely used in intelligent Internet of Things, smart lighting, smart home appliances, smart home, smart city management and other fields.

As a non-contact sensing technology, the radar sensor module can be used to detect objects and provide information about the distance, speed and Angle of objects. It has a rain leaf algorithm filter application that can penetrate materials such as plastic, wallboard and clothing without being affected by conditions such as rain, fog, dust and snow. Therefore, radar is more and more used in security monitoring, intelligent office, intelligent home and industrial manufacturing.