The development trend of infrared sensors


The development trend of infrared sensors
1. Development of new materials and processing technology:

With new materials and processing technology, the infrared detection rate of the pyroelectric infrared sensor is increased, the response wavelength is increased, the response time is shortened, the pixel sensitivity and pixel density are higher, the interference is high, and the production cost is reduced. Companies such as PYREOS and IRISYS have introduced a new type of pyroelectric sensitive technology that mixes thin films and ceramics, which enables the array of sensitive components.
2. Large-scale and multi-functional pyroelectric infrared sensor:

With the development of microelectronics technology and the continuous expansion of the application field of sensors, pyroelectric infrared sensors are developing from small and single-function to large-scale and multi-functional.

The large-scale infrared sensor (16*16 to 64*64 pixels) developed by famous foreign countries can not only measure the temperature field, but also obtain the advanced human detection function that the small infrared sensor does not have (that can accurately locate the individual in the space The location in the middle, that is, people are not active, can also be identified) or security monitoring in large areas, which is very suitable for applications in home automation, medical care, security protection and other occasions. In addition, the development of a new multi-spectral sensor has greatly improved the functionality of the infrared imaging array.
3. The intelligence of the sensor:

The new type of intelligent pyroelectric infrared sensor usually has multiple microprocessors built in, with Fourier transform, wavelet transform and other advanced digital signal processing or compensation functions, self-diagnosis function, two-way digital communication and other functions, making the sensor stable and reliable Performance, such as performance, signal-to-noise ratio, and convenience are greatly improved.