Advantages of infrared sensor light


The advantages of the infrared induction lamp are obvious. As long as the person is in the induction area, the switch can be kept on continuously. Once the person leaves, it will be turned off with a delay. The function is very user-friendly and safe and energy-saving.
In addition, it is different from voice-activated or other induction lights. It does not require sound to avoid the trouble of voice-activated noise, and because it is a switch that senses the heat of the human body, it avoids the loss of ineffective power.
In addition, the infrared sensor lamp probe itself does not emit any type of radiation, and there is no radiation problem.

Disadvantages of infrared sensor lights

1. It is susceptible to interference from various heat sources.
2. When the ambient temperature is close to that of the human body, the detection and sensitivity will drop significantly, and sometimes there will be short-term failures.
3. The induction effect will also be interfered by radio frequency radiation.
4. Passive infrared penetration is relatively poor. When the infrared radiation of the human body is blocked by other objects, it is not easy to be received by the probe, and sometimes it cannot be sensed.