​The four most popular sensors on the market


As the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) increases, our demand for sensors is rising. This article will introduce four different types of the most popular sensors currently used in manufacturing, healthcare, aviation and agriculture industries.

Infrared sensor

An infrared sensor can be defined as an electronic device that is sensitive to certain aspects of the surrounding environment. Infrared sensors can measure the heat of an object and detect movement.
Infrared sensors can be used in healthcare, household appliances, wearable electronic devices, non-contact temperature measurement and other fields. The infrared sensor can also be used for environmental inspections because it can detect many types of chemicals and heat leaks.
Sensors have increased industrial efficiency and productivity, and even in developing countries have adopted Industry 4.0, the sensor market is expected to see significant growth in the near future.
Temperature Sensor
The temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature or heat energy of a given source through electrical signals.
With IoT systems, temperature sensors can be used in manufacturing, agriculture and health industries. In the manufacturing industry, it is essential to place the machine or equipment in a suitable environment to ensure that the system always maintains a constant temperature. Sensors can solve this problem by providing data that helps track the temperature of a given space.
Pressure Sensor
The pressure sensor can sense the pressure of liquid and gas, and then convert it into an electrical signal.
With the help of pressure sensors, companies can use IoT systems to monitor the system in real time. Pressure sensors can also be used to measure fluid/gas flow, speed, water level and altitude. For example, in the automotive industry, pressure sensors are used in engines to monitor oil and coolant pressure, and pressure sensors are used in vehicle anti-lock braking systems (ABS).
In addition, pressure sensors are also used in aviation, marine, industrial, and biomedical instrumentation industries.

Chemical sensor

As the name implies, chemical sensors are used to collect different parts of information, such as composition, presence of specific elements or ions, chemical activity, partial pressure, etc.
Chemical sensors are used in industrial environments for monitoring and process control to detect hazardous, explosive, and radioactive chemical substances. They are also used in recycling processes in laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. Various types of chemical sensors include electrochemical gas sensors, chemical field effect transistors, pH glass electrodes, zinc oxide nanorod sensors and chemical resistors.