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LED PIR Motion Sensor Lamp

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Product Description

LED PIR Motion Sensor Lamp

LED Infrared Motion Sensor Twin Light

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PD-2P-B is a kind of infrared induction double-head LED lamp with lithium battery as energy storage and digital energy-saving control. It adopts human body infrared induction design and high luminous efficiency illumination source. It has high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable operation and long service life. Long advantages. The infrared sensor is built into the lamp and uses 48 0.5W high-brightness LED lighting tubes. The whole lamp power is 8W. Its reasonable layout makes the heat flow even and achieves the optimal lighting effect. When a person enters the detection range of the product and triggers the sensor, the light is on; when the person leaves the detection range, the light is off after the delay time is set. If there is a continuous motion sensing signal, the time is automatically superimposed and the light is continuously lit. The product has IP55 waterproof rating and is ideal for indoor and outdoor induction energy-saving lighting. It can be equipped with 8W/13V solar panels as the charging power source.

Use high quality PC lampshade.Strengthen the flexible refraction of light.And its function of anti-ultraviolet makes the shade not easy to turn yellow and be broken.

LED lamp consumes power 80% less than incandescent lamp and 50% less than fluorescent lamp.


Battery: 11.1V 2000mAh lithium battery
Standby current (OFF state) : <20uA
Full lamp power: 8W maximum
Detection range: 12±2 m (22°C)(adjustable)
Detection Angle: 120°
Delay time: 400lm:5s 30s 150s(adjustable) 
 1000lm:5s 20s 60s(adjustable)
Light-control: <10LUX
LED quanlity: 48PCS (0.5W, T2835)
Detection motion speed: 0.6~1.5m/s
Working temperature: –10°C ~ +40°C
Working humidity: <95%RH
Installation height: 1.8-2.5m
Charging: 8W/13V solar panel
IP rating: IP65

Induction information


SENS knob: control sensor and detection distance, the detection distance is adjustable within 12±2m;
TIME knob: Controls the brightness and time when the product lights up. When the knob is rotated to 400lm, it can be adjusted in 5s, 30s and 150s. When the knob is rotated to 1000lm, it can be adjusted in 5s, 20s and 60s.


Installation steps
1) Turn off the power;
2) Fix the whole lamp on the wall; (Figure 1)
3) Install solar panels; (Figure 2)
4) Plug in the solar battery charging cable.


When the sensitivity setting knob is turned from OFF to ON, the product enters the 5-minute test mode. In the test mode, no matter the day or night, as long as the system senses the human body signal, it will light 5s, 30s, 150s (400lm), 5s, 20s, 60s (1000lm);

After 5 minutes of initial power-on, the system automatically exits the test mode and LUX is always less than 10 LUX.

Installation Attention

It is recommended to be installed by an electrician or someone with relevant experience;

The product should be mounted on a fixed object, and do not use turbulent objects as the mounting base;

Avoid installing the product in areas where airflow and temperature change are obvious; for example, air conditioners and heaters;

There should be no obstacles in front of the detection window that affect its detection;

Install the probe towards the area that people often pass;

Orient the probe towards the ambient light source to obtain a more accurate illuminance setting;

Never touch the detection window with sharp hard or rough contaminants;

To ensure maximum detection range, the product should be installed 2 to 2.5 meters above the ground. If this height is not practical, it can be installed at a lower position but the effective detection area will be different 
from the manual;

If the sensor is found to be faulty after installation, please do not open the product cover for your safety.

Methods of excluding some common problems

1. The light is not lit:
a: Whether the ambient illumination exceeds the set value of the sensor;

2. Low sensitivity:
a: Whether the sensitivity is set too low;
b: Please check if there is any obstacle in front of the detection window that affects the signal received by the sensor;
c: Please check if the ambient temperature used by the sensor is too high;
d: Please check if the sensing signal source is in the detection area of the sensor;
e: Please check if the installation height is within the scope specified in this manual;

f: The moving direction is correct.

3. The light is always on:
a: whether there is continuous sensing signal in the detection area, for example, the person has been moving in front of the sensor;
b: The sensitivity setting is too high and there is a large interference;
c: There is a significant change in temperature near the sensor, such as air conditioners, heaters, etc., at which time the sensitivity can be reduced.

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