Infrared Multi-function Intelligent Emergency Dimming Induction Lamp
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Infrared Multi-function Intelligent Emergency Dimming Induction Lamp

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Infrared Multi-function Intelligent Emergency Dimming Induction Lamp. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

Infrared Multi-function Intelligent Emergency Dimming Induction Lamp

Infrared multi-function intelligent emergency dimming induction lamp

Product size


This product is a lithium battery as energy storage and digital energy-saving control of the infrared induction LED lamp, the use of human body infrared induction design, with brightness regulation function, stable and reliable work, long life and other advantages. The infrared sensor is built into the lamp, and 24 high-brightness LED beads are adopted. Its reasonable layout makes the heat flow even and achieves the optimal lighting effect. When people enter the detection range of the product and trigger the sensor, the light will be on; When the person leaves the detection range, set the delay time until the rear light is off. If there is a continuous moving induction signal, the time will be automatically superimposed and the light will be continuously lit. The lighting part is automatically managed by a dual system of mains power supply and standby battery power supply. When the power supply of the power grid is interrupted, the system's self-provided battery will automatically assume the subsequent power supply, providing 3.5w power to the induction lamp system, and the standby battery can provide power for more than 3 hours. The product is equipped with USB interface, which can directly charge mobile devices and has its own power storage function. It is the ideal product for indoor induction energy saving lighting.


Power source: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Rated LED: 8W Max.(AC)
 8W Max.(DC)
Charging power: 5W Max.(light off & light on)
Slaving capacity: 5V/1A Max.
Battery: 7.4V / 2000mAH lithium battery
Continuous illumination time: ≥60min(switch to on)
Detection range: 6m Max.
Time setting: 8sec to 10min (adjustable)
Light-control: 10-2000LUX(adjustable)
Detection angle: 120°
LED quantity: 24PCS (2835)
Working temperature: -20 - +55℃

Field of view

Provides a 120° field of view with a maximum coverage area of approximately 30 square meters. The maximum sensing distance in front of the sensor is 6M, and at each side is 3M. A “small-motion” zone detects relatively small body movements and allows the lights to stay ON even though a person may not be moving widely around the room. The remainder of the field of view is the “large-motion” zone, exhibits a lesser degree of sensitivity and requires larger movements.


This product according to the daily life lamp intellectualization and the function aspect insufficiency, proposed may sense the environment illumination, the human body infrared trigger, the dimming, the delay close and so on multifunctional intelligent lamp realization method.

The product's infrared (PIR) sensor is equipped with a button switch, providing manual on/off/automatic switch. Adjustable delay closing time and ambient light coverage.

The product is equipped with USB interface, which can directly charge mobile devices and has its own power storage function.

Note: Battery switch is closed when the product is out of the factory. When it is first used, please turn on the power switch.

Time setting

It can be set in the range of 8 seconds (anti-clockwise bottom) to 10 minutes (clockwise bottom), and the time will be re-timed when the moving signal is detected before the end of this time. It is recommended to choose the shortest time when adjusting the detection range or walking test.

Note: after the light is off, it will take nearly 1 second for it to sense again. The lights will only turn on when a signal is detected after this time.

The correct use of delay adjustment: it is used to adjust the delay time between the light on after the sensor detects the human body movement and the light off automatically. Users can adjust according to actual demand. Because the product has the function of continuous induction, in short, any induction of the sensor before the end of the delay time, the system will be re-timed, as long as the human activities in the 
detection range, the light will not be out. Therefore, users are advised to reduce the delay time as much as possible to achieve energy saving.

Light-control setting

Working illumination value can be adjusted in the range of 10~2000LUX. When rotating counterclockwise to the bottom, the working illumination value is about 10LUX, while when rotating clockwise to the bottom, the working illumination value is about 2000LUX. This knob must be rotated clockwise to the bottom when walking during the day to test or adjust the detection area.

Switch function

Switch to ON, long light mode: long light. Enter the long light for 10 minutes without induction, automatically enter the semi-bright energy-saving mode, the light is fully on when the induction again;

Switch to AUTO, automatic mode: delay time, light control adjustable, light control illumination is less than 10LUX, if the delay time is more than 20 seconds, after 20 seconds, the system does not sense the human 
body signal will automatically enter the semi-bright energy-saving mode, after setting the delay time to the rear light off;

Switch to OFF, OFF mode.

Some problem and solved way

1、The load do not work:
a: Please check if the connection-wiring of power and load is correct;
b: Please check if the load is good ;
c: Please check if the working light set correspond to light-control.

2、The sensitivity is poor:
a: Please check if there has hinder in front of the detection window to effect to receive the signal;
b: Please check if the ambient temperature is too high;
c: Please check if the induction signal source is in the detection fields;
d: Please check if the installation height corresponds to the height showed in the instruction;
e: Please check if the moving orientation is correct.

3、The sensor can not shut off the load automatically:
a: Please check if there is continual signal in the detection field;
b: Please check if the time setting is the longest;
c: Please check if the power correspond to the instruction;

● Please confirm with prefessional installation.
● For safety purposes, please cut off power before installation and removal operations.
● Any losses caused by improper operation,the manufacturer does not undertake any responsibility.

This manual is subject to any changes and modifications to the current content programming of this product, without further notice from the manufacturer.
The contents of this manual are not allowed to be reproduced or copied for other purposes without the permission of the company.

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