Energy-saving Automatic Lamp
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Energy-saving Automatic Lamp

The following is an introduction to Energy-saving Automatic Lamp, I hope to help you better understand Energy-saving Automatic Lamp.

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Product Description

Infrared Sensor Lamp PD-PIR69 instruction


The product is a kind of energy-saving automatic lamp, which can be on when someone comes and off after leaves. it can identify day and night automatically. It adopts a high-stable sensor and integrated IC, its performance is stable and reliable. When someone enters the detection range, infrared sensor will trigger the lamp work, the lamp turn on and after some time it turn off.


Power source: 220-240V/AC 
Power frequency:50/60Hz
Rated load:75Wx2 Max., JD bulb
Time setting: 5sec~10min±2min(adjustable)
Light-control: 10LUX~daylight(adjustable)
Detection angle(22°C): 120°
Detection range: 12m Max.(adjustable)
Woking temperature: -10°C~+40°C
Woking humidity: ≤93%RH
Installation height: 1.5~3m
Weight: about 0.642kg
IP: 44



●It can identify automatically day and night, what’s more, working light can be adjusted freely, so it can work automatically at night and stop in the daytime;
●Sensitivity is adjustable, by adjusting SENS to adjust sense distance;
●Time setting(TIME) can be adjusted; users can adjust it according to local condition.


1.Choose installation place as your need, mark two installation holes with a pencil.
2.Place the lamp in a safe place avoiding some unnecessary damage.
3.On the sign bore two installation holes(Φ6mm , height 35mm).
4.Strike the plastic dilatant into the two holes.
5.Connect power line into “1” and “2” in the diagram.
6.Electrify it, the power voltage must be in accord with the voltage indicated.
7.Fix the lamp in the installation location with screw.


1. After installation, before electrifying it, turn the time knob(TIME) 
clockwise to the minimum and turn the photocell knob (LUX)) 
clockwise to the maximum(☼), turn the sensitivity knob(SENS) 
clockwise to the maximum.(like right diagram)
2. Electrify it. After 5 seconds, the lamp should be on.
3. 5-10 seconds later after the lamp turn off (no sense condition), make it sense, the lamp should be on, under no sense signal condition, the lamp should turn off within 5sec~10sec.
4. If all are normal, turn the time setting knob to confirm the light time you want; turn the photocell knob to change the light-control; and turn the sensitivity knob to adjust the detection range.
5. Caution: the product can continuously sense as long as signal has made it work: If the product is tested in the daytime (the light set is less than 10lux), with opaque cover the lens, after the unit works, take off the opaque and let it receive natural light, here it can sense continually. After the load stop to work, it can work only when the light-control is less than 10lux.

ATTENTION: When use this product, please adjust the sensitivity to an appropriate position you need, please do not adjust the sensitivity to maximum, to avoid the product does not work normally caused by wrong motion.Because the sensitivity is too high easily detect the wrong motion by wind blowing leaves & curtains, small animals, and the wrong motion by interference of power grid & electrical equipment. All those lead the product does not work normally !
When the product does not work normally, please try to lower the sensitivity appropriately, and then test it. 

Solutions of prevent the power network pulse interference the products:
Due to the difference of regional interference power network, the pulse of interference is uncertain,so the user are not suggested to adjust the sensitive to the maxium when using.Suggestion:Please install and adjust the sensitive in the appropriate distance using,do not set the maxium sensitivity to prevent misoperation.


1. Avoid installing the product in the locations where the sunlight irradiate or air current and temperature change obviously;
2. Avoid touching the detection window with sharp and stiff things or coarse pollutants;
3. When the lamp is off and then again on, you should adjust the angle between the lamp head and the sensor, and turn the sensitivity knob (SENS) properly to solve the problem.

● When used in different environments, please do not to adjust the sensitivity to the highest. 
Because that could easily lead to malfunction.
● Please confirm with prefessional installation.
● Please cut off power supply before installation and removal operations.
● Make sure that you have cut off the power for safety purposes.
● Improper operation caused losses, the manufacturer does not undertake any responsibility.

We are committed to promoting the product quality and reliability, however, all the electroniccomponents have certain probabilities to become ineffective, which will cause some troubles.When designing, we have paid attention to redundant designs and adopted safety quota to avoid any troubles.
This instruction, without our permission, should not be copied for any other purposes.

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