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Wall Switch Passive Infrared Sensor

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Product Description

Wall Switch Passive Infrared Sensor
PD-PIR124-V3 Infrared Motion Sensor Instruction

PD-PIR124-V3 Wall Switch Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor is used to provide automatic lighting control for energy savings and convenience in a variety of commercial applications, including:● Small offices Conference rooms Lounges living rooms 

PD-PIR124-V3 can be used for automatic switching of incandesce cent lamps and energy saving light bulb. The unit also features a manual override switch that can be used to keep lights OFF while an area is occupied, which may be desired in conference rooms and other areas during slide or film presentations. The unit installs in place of a single-pole wall switch and fits in a standard wall box. The unit requires a ground connection.

The PD-PIR124-V3 uses passive infrared (PIR) detection technology to monitor a room. When a person passes into or out of a sensor zone, the sensor detects motion and switches the lights ON. The lights will remain ON as long as there is an occupant moving through the sensor zones.

A delayed-OFF time adjustment prevents the lights from switching OFF when the space is occupied. In order to keep the lights ON, a person must pass through a sensor zone at least once during the selected delayed-OFF time interval. An LED indicator blinks each time the unit detects activity in the sensor zones. When the space being monitored by the sensor is unoccupied for the length of time chosen as the delayed-OFF interval, the unit will switch the lights OFF.

Push-button Manual Override Control
For manual control, the PD-PIR124-V3 features a convenient push-button switch. Press the press-button to “ON”, the sensor will turn lights ON. Press the press-button to “OFF”, the sensor will shut lights OFF and keep them OFF even if the room is occupied. This feature is particularly useful for slide or film presentations. The lightscan be turned back ON by simply pressing the button to “ON”. Press the press-button to “AUTO”, the unit will then return to normal operation. 
When a person passes into or out of a sensor zone, the sensor detects motion and switches the lights ON. 

Auto Mode
In this mode, the unit will turn lights ON automatically when motion is detected. The lights will remain ON as long as the unit detects activity in the sensor zones. The unit will shut lights OFF automatically after the space becomes unoccupied and the delayed-OFF time expires. Lights can also be turned OFF manually at any time by pressing the push-button to “OFF”. This mode is desired for energy savings.

Field of view
The PD-PIR124-V3 provides a 180° field of view with a maximum coverage area of approximately 90 square meters. The maximum sensing distance in front of the sensor is 8M, and at each side is 6M. A “small-motion” zone detects relatively small body movements and allows the lights to stay ON even though a person may not be moving widely around the room. The remainder of the field of view is the “large-motion” zone, exhibits a lesser degree of sensitivity and requires larger movements.

Enhanced adjustment options
The PD-PIR124-V3 will deliver optimum performance in a wide variety of commercial applications. There are optional adjustments for ambient light override capabilities, and delayed-OFF time. These adjustments will customize the performance to meet the needs of a specific installation. To avoid tampering, all adjustments can only be accessed by removing the control panel cover. A small flat-head screwdriver can be used to adjust the control knobs. 
Controls are labeled as follows:

The delayed-OFF time is preset at 8±2seconds. A choice delayed-OFF time settings is available: 8±2 seconds to 20±3minutes.

To maximize energy savings in some installations, the ambient light override feature will prevent the sensor from switching lights ON when there is ample natural sunlight, regardless of occupancy. This adjustment should be made when the ambient light is at the level where no artificial light is needed.

The PD-PIR124-V3 is factory preset without any ambient light override in effect. This means the unit will switch lights ON when it detects occupancy, regardless of the amount of natural sunlight present.

The device listed herein shall be Lexing Commercial Specification Grade Wall Switch Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor, capable of detecting infrared emissions from human presence and responding by switching incandescent loads on. If this unit does not detect movement after a present period of time, it will respond by switching its assigned load off. 

Wall Switch Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor shall be equipped with a push-button to provide manual on/off/auto switching. PD-PIR124-V3 Wall Switch Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor shall feature adjustable delayed-OFF time and ambient light override capabilities. 

Features and benefits
New, low-profile design eliminates obtrusive “scanning-device” look. 
180° field-of-view provides approximately 90 square meters of coverage suitable for small offices, conference rooms, class rooms, lounges and a variety of commercial areas.?Convenient push-button provides manual ON/OFF/AUTO light switching at any time.
Optional manual adjustment for delayed-OFF time settings of 8±2 seconds to 20±3 minutes. 
Allows customized adjustments to maximize energy saving. 
Adjustable Ambient Light Override ranges from approximately 2 foot-candles (2lux) to 1000 foot-candles (1000lux) to prevent lights from turning ON automatically during periods of ample natural light, increasing energy savings.
LED indicator light flashes when sensor detects motion to verify detection is active.
One unit can be used for either 120V or 277V lighting. 
Fits in standard wall-box and replaces single-pole wall switch. 
Limited Five-Year Warranty


The PD-PIR124-V3 may replace a single-pole wall switch mounted in a standard wall-box. The unit must be properly grounded in order to operate. It should be positioned at least 4 feet away from HVAC registers. Note that whenever the unit is powered up, it will take approximately one minute to begin normal operation. 

Caution :Use with copper wire only!

Physical specifications
Operating Temperature Range:-10℃ to 40℃
Storage Temperature Range: -10℃ to 85℃
Relative Humidity:20% to 90% non-condensing

Electrical rerquirements
Line Voltage:120V/AC-277V/AC
Operational Frequencies:50/60Hz
Wire Designation:Line— Brown
Load Rating: 500W Max.tungsten
 CFL : 3.3A @ 120V / [email protected]

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