Outdoor IP65 PIR Motion Sensor Switch
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Outdoor IP65 PIR Motion Sensor Switch

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Product Description

PD-PIR152J Infrared Sensor Instruction

IP 65

The Outdoor IP65 PIR Motion Sensor Switch is a PIR sensor switch, utilizes the infrared energy from human as control-signal source and determine the light to need to work or not, and control the light on and off automatically .When one enters the detection filed and trigger the sensor to work ,the light turns on; when one leaves the detection filed and the setting time reaches, the light will turn off.It can detect the ambient light illumination automatically and set and adjust the value according to the fact need. Such as, the light will turn on and works when the ambient light illumination is under setting value. once it exceeds the setting value, the light will stop working.The light will be on until the time-delay comes when the sensor is triggered. Once detected the constant signal, the time will be overlaid and the light will be on constantly.It can be installed in indoor, corridor and public-building.

Power source: 220-240V/AC
Power frequency: 50Hz
Rated load: 1200W Max.tungsten 
 300W Max.fluorescent
Time setting: 5S-(7±2)Min (adjustable)
Light-control: <10LUX~2000LUX (adjustable)
Detection range: 10m Max.
Detection angle: 180°
Protection level: IP65
Installation height: 1.5m~2.5m
Working temperature: -10~+40°C
Detection motion speed: 0.6~1.5m/s
Working humidity: <93%RH

Compared with the normal product

Detection angel is long normal product ,detection distance is wide.

Can identify day and night: the light control can be adjusted freely when it works. It can work in the daytime and at night when it is adjusted on the “sun” position (max); but it can only work in the light control less than 10lux when it is adjusted on the “moon” position (min). As for the adjustment pattern, please refer to the testing pattern.

Time delay can be added continually: when it received the second induction signal after the first it will compute time once more on the rest of the first time delay basic.(Set time)

Light-control potentiometer (LUX): clockwise the knob to decrease its value; anti-clockwise the knob to increase its value.

Time potentiometer (TIME): clockwise the knob to increase its value, the maximum delay time is 9 minutes; anti-clockwise the knob to decrease its value, the minimum delay time is 5 seconds.

Flash function: when the sensor detects the useful signal, the indicator light flashes; no detection of useful signal, the indicator does not blink.

Setting manner :potentiometer
It may take times to adjust values before they satisfy your need.

(1)Time setting
It can be defined from 5 seconds(turn fully anti-clockwise) to 9 minutes(turn fully clockwise). Any movement detected before this time elapses will re-start the timer. It is recommended to select the shortest time for adjusting the detection range and for performing the walk test.

NOTE:When the light be auto off,it will take 1 second before the sensor is ready to detect another movement,that is,only signal detected 1 seconds later can the light be auto-on.

It is mainly for the adjustment of the delay time from the moment the signal detected and light auto-on till the light auto-off. You can define the delay time to your practical need. But you’d better lower the delay time for the sake of energy saving, since the microwave sensor has the function of continuous sensing, that is, any movement detected before the delay time elapses will re-start the timer and the light will keep on only if there is human in the detection range.

(2)Light-control setting
It can be defined in the range of <10~2000 LUX. To turn the knob fully clockwise is about 10 lux,fully anti-clockwise is about 2000 lux.When adjusting the detection zone and performing the walk test in daylight,you should turn the knob fully clockwise.

I. Connect line according to the right figure.
N – blue
L – brown
L’ – red ( be from infrared sensor)
connect blue and brown with power
connect blue and red with load.

1.Please tighten off the screw on the connection-line box, take off the box lid.
2.According to the connection figure connect the power and load with the sensor.
3.Fix the sensor in the selected position like the following diagram.
4. Please cover the lid and tighten the screw.

1. After installation, please turn anti-clockwise the time knob(1) to the end before you switch on the power. turn the light-control knob(2) anti-clockwise to the maximum value.
2. Switch on the power, the light can be on after 30sec. After it turns off, make it sense again after 5sec.
3. If all are under good condition, with time adjustment knob the light period can be adjusted according to your desire, with light-control knob ambient-light can be adjusted.

Electrician or experienced human can install it.
The unrest objects can’t be regarded the installation basis-face.
In front of the detection window there should be no hinder or unrest objects effecting detection.
Avoid installing it near air temperature alteration zones for example: air condition, central heating, etc.
Please don’t open the case for your safety if you find the hitch after installation.

1. Keep the sensor face to the area where human usually move.
2. Keep the sensor face to the position of the ambient light in order to get much more exact illuminance setting.
3. If detect the signal again within the time-delay, the time-delay will be over lied.
4. LUX knob: the luminance of working conditions .When the knob switches “+” , it means it can detect all day,when the knob switches “ - ” , it will only work below the luminance <10 LUX.
5. TIME knob:It is a period that the light turns on slowly to no any signal gradually, till out of work.

Some problem and solved way
The load don’t work:
a: Check the power and the load.
b: If the load is good.
c: Please check if the working light correspond to the ambient light.

The sensitivity is poor:
a: Please check if in front of the detection window there is hinder that effect to receive the signals.
b: Please check if the ambient temperature is too high.
c: Please check if the signals source is in the detection fields.
d: If the moving orientation is right.

The sensor can’t shut automatically the load:
a: If there is continual signal in the detection fields.
b: If the time delay is set to the longest.
c: If the power correspond to the instruction.
d: If the air temperature change near the sensor, for example air condition or central heating etc.

● Please confirm with prefessional installation.
● For safety purposes, please cut off power before installation and removal operations.
● Any losses caused by improper operation,the manufacturer does not undertake any responsibility.
Our company always focuses on manufacturing high quality products. Some improper operations or failures of few components may lead no working of the products. Pls contact the manufacturers or retailers once the products are invalid. This instruction is complied accordingly to the present situation. Manufacturer will make notification if there are changes.
The contents cannot be reproduced or copied without the permission of the manufacturer.

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